Hydrino power – superior to nuclear energy?

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A new technology for generating low-cost energy claims to have the potential to solve the imminent global energy crisis as well as the problems of global warming. It is based on the discovery by Dr Mills of a low energy state of Hydrogen, the so called “Hydrino”.

In addition, the underlying theory, created by Dr Randell Mills, claims to be a more adequate model of reality than Orthodox Quantum Mechanics (QM).

These are bold claims, both of which would be worthy of the Nobel Prize if they are true. Let us see if the Millsian theory and its application for energy production might deserve this award.

Part 1. Energy generation

Dr. Randell Mills developed a quantum theory (see part 2 below) that predicted that Hydrogen can assume a lower level of energy than the so-called Ground State that Quantum Physics has believed to be the lowest level.

It is elementary knowledge in nuclear physics that the transition of an atom to a lower energy level is accompanied by the emission of large amounts of energy.

Dr. Mills realized that, if this would be manageable, it would be of great value to mankind. His theory indicated that the induction of such a transition might be possible through a process that should not demand much energy to initiate and keep going. So he set out to try to invent such a process and indeed was able to develop a method to prompt the generation of hydrinos from the hydrogen in water using a special catalyst (a chemical that mediates a reaction without being consumed).

The laboratory of Randell Mills has found that huge amounts of energy were emitted through this process as predicted by Millsian Physics. This is called the Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition (CIHT) electrochemical cell technology.

Moreover, six independent top-level scientist teams have confirmed that the CIHT technology is capable of generating much larger amounts of heat from small amounts of water than any chemical process can bring about. This indicates that it is the result of hydrogen energy level transition as predicted by Millsian Theory. See  Press Release.

In Spring 2014, a more powerful, practical and effective method for extracting energy was invented. Instead of using the heat generated by the transformation of Hydrogen into of Hydrinos, the intense light emitted at the same moment is used for generation of electricity. The light intensity is 10.000 times or more the intensity of sunlight reaching the Earth, and this energy is transformed into electrical energy by low-cost high-energy photovoltaic cells (Sun cells) see image below. The light is generated inside a sphere (see the image below) that is lined with a photovoltaic surface that transforms it into electric energy.


This powerful electricity producing unit is actually very small. Below you find a unit producing energy for propelling a train fitted on top of its electric motor (a small number of such BLP-driven motor units are enough for driving a train).

2016-11-03 15_28_33-Blacklight process and transportation application _ Brilliant Light Power.png

For more see Prototype Sun Cell generator.

In February 2015 a second major and decisive breakthrough was made. A method was discovered that enabled the continuous generation of light spikes with a high frequency – 1000 per second. This makes it possible to make effective, practically useful power generators. For more, see BlacklightPower – Important breakthrough.

This technology is pure and environment-friendly and can replace nuclear technology for a fraction of the investment cost of the latter and is much cheaper than other energy production methods as well. Moreover, the calculated energy production cost per kWh is projected to be considerably lower than for other energy sources, because it can run on plain tap water, and the key electricity-generating elements, the Solar Cells, are cheap. In addition, the catalyst can be easily regenerated and reused without any costly procedures.

Copyright BlackLight Power Inc. (Published here with permission)

The diagram shows that the energy cost of solar, water, wind and coal energy are all much higher than that of BlackLightPower.

Nuclear energy is not on the list, but according to Swedish estimates, it costs about 3 cents per kWh, that is 30 times more than the calculated cost of the CIHT system of BlacklightPower.


The application of the theory of Dr Mills for energy generation, appears to have the potential to replace environmentally harmful, and dangerous energy sources with a clean, safe and inexpensive fuel.

  • It uses common water as the sole required energy source. Moreover, the amounts are so small that for low-energy applications the humidity in the air could be used.
  • It can solve the expected energy crisis caused by oil shortage, because it can be used to power all forms of transport and generate equally large amounts of electricity as nuclear power, but at a much lower investment and operating cost.
  • It can be implemented quickly for grid-level electrical power because it can be retrofitted into existing oil-coal and nuclear power generators (for steam generation) without major and expensive rebuilding. However the direct power generation with light impulses may become preferred due to simplicity and effectiveness. Also the Sun-cells are scalable and don’t need large units. The grid can be decentralized with low construction costs.
  • It can be implemented quickly for engines, because it does not require new engines. This is because it can be used to generate hydrogen for internal combustion engines. However the direct generation of electricity may be preferred because it is effective, simple, and compact. The existing combustion motors may not always be necessary to eliminate because the electric motors are small and can be fitted on to the wheel axis.
  • In the future, it will be able to fuel all kinds of transport means from small cars to large trucks, trains, ships of any size and airplanes.
  • The problem of Greenhouse gases can be solved by the general application of this technology because it will not generate Greenhouse gasses and can replace present polluting energy sources.

The new SunCell technology is expected to rapidly enable the creation of large scale prototypes and commercialization is expected to occur during 2017 or 2018.

The technology is basically quite simple, and the company does not expect any major difficulties to provide a continuous supply of energy in various applications even at a large scale.

A superior alternative to Nuclear Power

Needless to say, this would be a superior alternative to nuclear energy, being completely pure, using very cheap, abundantly available fuel (water)  and requiring much lower investment and energy production costs.


BLP has the potential to solve the imminent global energy crisis as well as to eliminate the generation of greenhouse gases while providing energy in a sustainable way at a considerably lower cost than any other presently known system.

Technical issues regarding large-scale energy production using BLP have been solved and it is being prepared for commercial production.

I think this revolutionary invention qualifies Dr Randell Mills for a Nobel Prize in Physics. There are few if any other Nobel Price winning technologies with a comparable value to mankind.

Is it justified to question Hydrinos on the basis of Quantum Mechanics?

In spite of the remarkable and repeatedly confirmed experimental observations of energy generation indicating hydrogen transition into a lower energy level, some physicists have been expressing doubts because hydrogen is believed to be the lower state of energy according to Quantum Mechanics.

However, Millsian Physics is a different paradigm, a fundamentally different model of reality, not a version of Quantum Mechanics. Therefore it is not justified to reject features of Millsian physics that are inconsistent with Quantum Mechanics – that is exactly what can be expected with a new paradigm. For more about this issue, see “A challenge to critical physicists“.

The behavior of doubting physicists is similar to the famous physicist who declared that flying is incompatible with the laws of physics while the Lilienthal brothers were about to take off.

Moreover, the theory of Randell Mills has been more successful than Quantum Mechanics in important respects, indicating that is a better model of reality as shown in part 2.


2. Millsian theory – a contender to Quantum Mechanics

Extensive testing indicates that Quantum Mechanics is inferior to Millsian physics when it comes to predicting important properties of molecules. This indicates that Millsian theory is a superior model of reality in important respects. Let us have a  look at a crucial comparison.

The diagram below compares Dr. Mills’s theory with Quantum Mechanics regarding the ability to predict “molecular bond energy”, a property of molecules that has been measured very exactly.

The diagram represents the predictions of the bond energy of a large number of different molecules, comparing them with independently published University-level measurement results. The used formulas have been published so everybody can check the results.

If the predictions are correct, they will appear as a straight line of red points for Millsian (left) and black points for QM (right). This diagram is explained in detail in The case for Millsian Physics

Predicted vs measured values of total molecular bond energy

Conclusion: The straight line of red dots shows that here is an extraordinary correspondence between the predictions of Millsian Physics and measured results, in every case while Quantum Mechanics fails conspicuously.

Because these calculations were based on core mathematical elements of Millsian theory (according to a personal communication with Dr. Mills), and not on some fringe aspects, this successful result supports the theory as a whole.

Millsian theory – a more correct model of reality

The purpose of a scientific theory is to provide reliable means (models) for describing reality. The main criterion for the correctness of a theory is the ability to predict experimental measurement results. It is evident from these diagrams that Millsian physics fulfills this criterion excellently, while Orthodox Quantum Mechanics fails miserably, with very large errors (predicting close to zero while the measured value is high) indicating that the theory does not provide a very accurate representation of reality in this respect.

Actually, Millsian theory covers all orders of magnitude and has been able to successfully predict various properties of the universe at nuclear as well as a cosmological scale, see  “Successful performance of Millsian physics“.

The superior predictive power indicates that Millsian physics is closer to reality than Quantum Mechanics. In addition, Millsian Theory satisfies other major criteria of a more realistic theory, including greater simplicity, fewer postulates, and greater explanatory power.

A common feature of more realistic theories is the prediction of new, formerly unforeseen phenomena and practical applications, which also is the case for Millsian Theory  (see footnote).

Based on solidly confirmed theories of Physics

Differently from Quantum Mechanics, it is based on solidly confirmed theories of Physics, including Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics, James Clerk Maxwell’s Equations on Electromagnetics, and Albert Einstein’s General and Special Laws of Relativity.

This is a remarkable achievement that the founders of Quantum Mechanics failed to accomplish although they devoted much effort to solve this issue, and finally gave up and introduced counter-intuitive postulates and concepts like treating electrons as indeterminate statistical entities, so as to be able to structure a mathematically consistent formulation of the theory.

Time to “detronize” Orthodox Quantum Mechanics?

It is a generally accepted procedure in science to abandon a theory with a smaller predictive power in favor of one with a greater power, especially so when the difference is considerable. Therefore, if physics follows the sound, established principles of Scientific Method, Millsian physics has to be taken as an apparently superior contender to Orthodox QM.

The demise of QM  because of its weaknesses has been predicted by other physicists, (for an explanation why the demise of QM has not already occurred, see “Critics are far off the mark“).

Actually, Erwin Schroedinger, one of the “fathers of QM” said, in his later years,  that he did not like Quantum Mechanics and that he was ashamed of being associated with it. Thereby this great genius joined his friend Albert Einstein, who likewise had doubts about Quantum Mechanics.

Nobel Priceworthy?

The discovery of Quantum Mechanics generated a number of Nobel Prizes, including the famous physicists Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schroedinger, Werner von Heisenberg and several others. The basis for these awards was the predictive ability of Quantum Mechanical Theory.


As the precision of the predictions of the Millsian theory is considerably superior to QM in essential respects, I think it would be a violation of sound scientific principles not to consider Millsian theory Nobel Prize-worthy.

Quotes of a few experts

[Editings with bold and italics made by me]

“It would be irrational not to be very skeptical, and I was extremely skeptical.  However, after having reviewed Dr. Mills classical theory, participated in experimental designs and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of other data BLP produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims, and I encourage aggressive optimization and fast track development of a scaled up prototype,”…“To be able to use hydrogen from water as a cheap and nonpolluting source of power would represent one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history.”

W. Henry Weinberg. Was a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology for eighteen years, a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science at University of California, Santa Barbara for six years, and co-founder and CTO of Symyx Technologies for 13 years.

“BLP has successfully fabricated and tested CIHT cells capable of producing net electrical output up to 50 times that input to maintain the process,”…“Some cells have produced steady power for over one month.  The power generation is consistent with Dr. Mills’ theory of energy release resulting from Hydrino formation.  No other source of energy could be identified.  The CIHT cell will use cheap, abundant, nontoxic, commodity chemicals, with no apparent long-term supply issues that might preclude commercial, high volume manufacturing.  The capital cost of the CIHT cell based on optimization of the cell dimensions is estimated to be under $100/kW compared to at least ten times that for fuel cells that further require a source of hydrogen or hydrogen gas and a fuel infrastructure.”

Dr. Terry Copeland, former manager of product development for several electrochemical and energy companies including DuPont Company and Duracell.

Source:  Press Release May  22, 2012












BLP plans for market launch

BrilliantLightPower Inc has recently issued a briefing presenting the present status of the system and their development and market plan.

I will summarize it later, but for now, here is a copy of their market plan:


2017-08-03 22_43_45-

Reproduced with the permission of Brilliant Light Power Inc

Link to the briefing: http://brilliantlightpower.com/wp-content/uploads/presentations/May-2017-Briefing-Presentation.pdf


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BrillianLightPower – unparallelled power density generation

Excerpts from a Press Release July 11, 2016

(Text enhancements in italics and bold made by us)

Five independent validators have confirmed over a million watts of plasma power developed by BrLP’s so-called SunCell® at power densities higher than any previously known energy source.

Dr. Randy Booker, physics professor and former Physics Department Chairman at University of North Carolina-Ashville said, “The power was measured using two optical power measurements involving three sophisticated spectrometers calibrated against a National Institute of Science and Technology traceable standard and two thermal methods involving a commercial calorimeter and the rate of the rise of the water coolant temperature of the SunCell®. All four methodologies cross-confirmed the production of megawatt scale power that was continuous in the case of the SunCell® with spectacular commercial potential. Moreover, the unique and characteristic spectrum from the optical tests of essentially purely high energy light emission over a predicted range confirms the hydrino reaction as the source of the power.”

BrLP’s safe, non-polluting power-producing system catalytically converts the hydrogen of the H2O-based solid fuel into a non-polluting product, Hydrino, by allowing the electrons to fall to smaller radii around the nucleus. The energy release is over 200 times that of burning the equivalent amount of hydrogen with oxygen. Due to this extraordinary energy release, H2O may serve as the source of hydrogen fuel to form Hydrinos and oxygen. Moreover, the SunCell® is compact, light-weight and autonomous with a projected capital cost of 1% to 10% that of any other form of power. The anticipated cost is so low that BrLP intends to provide autonomous individual power for essentially all stationary and motive applications untethered to the grid or any fuels infrastructure. Dr. Mills announced, “This is the end of the age of fire, the internal combustion engine, and centralized power and fuels.”

Albert Einstein is looking down, smiling: I told you so, He does not play dice”, said Former World Bank manager Gerhard Pohl. Dr. Joseph Renick, former Chief Scientist at Applied Research Associates added, “It is understandable why even the best of scientists have difficulty taking seriously that which has been accomplished by Dr. Mills and his team at Brilliant Light Power because of how completely it transforms our understanding of atomic and molecular structure, dispels of all the strangeness associated with quantum theory so cherished by quantum physicists and chemists and then to boot delivers to mankind a new source of essentially unlimited inexpensive clean energy. The novel techniques, materials and processes developed by BrLP in the last few years are making this new source of energy a reality for all of mankind. The rest, however painful it will be for many in the natural sciences, will follow.”

Bucknell Professor Dr. Peter Mark Jansson remarked…”They have made landmark progress in creating demonstration devices that prove the concept of their generation technology with promise of becoming continuously operating prototypes in the near future. The creation of these consistently replicable experiments where input power is multiplied by 65 to 150 times is a remarkable achievement. ”

Source: http://brilliantlightpower.com/news-release-july-11-2016/

BlacklightPower – Important breakthrough in electricity generation.

The technology for continuous electric power generation has now been solved

On February 5, 2015 Dr Randell Mills held a seminar where he reported recent advances of the BLP development program.at the Emerald Investment Forum in Philadelphia on March 13, 2015

The most important step of advance is that the technology for continuous high frequency production has been solved -1000 light impulses per second. The intensity of each impulse is 1000 times the intensity of solar light. With this technology it is possible to produce 10 mW with a BLP generator of 0,5m x 1m x 1m said Mills.

In the next step of development, units are planned that produce 1000 light impulses with 10.000 the intensity of solar energy at the surface of the earth.

This will enable very small units producing very large amonts of electric power.


The technology for fully functional and practically useful BLP energy generators has now been solved.

To start the video below, you need to click on the top heading.

Link to the video presentation: https://vimeo.com/122106669


The Blacklight Power story is a drastic example of the serious failure of present energy development and financing systems.

Although already a few years ago it was demonstrated that Hydrinos – the key component in power generation – exist and that this system does work in principle, the global as well as national power administrating organisations have turned a blind eye to it.

Considering its potential to dramatically decrease the need for hydrocarbon fuels and associated global warming exhausts this system should have been given intense attention and maximal possible governmental and international funding so that the ultimate tests could have been done rapidly and thereafter large scale production units. could have been built up

There are strong reasons to believe that the development of BLP has been retarded in every possible way by the oil-coal and nuclear energy lobby that would loose trillions. It is well known that they have been retarding or blocking other energy solutions. This includes hiring corrupt professor to attack the theory in unfair and unscientific ways, ridiculously accusing it for not being compatible with Quantum Theory, while it is a replacement of this theory and therefore Quantum Theory arguments are completely irrelevant..

This demonstrates the very harmful effect of corruption in the US and other major countries with vested interests in traditional energy sources. Considering that oil is a major reason for severe international conflicts and that global warming and other severe problems ensue from this corrupt blocking of a technology that could solve major energy issues at a global scale, it is evident that It is of very great importance to eliminate corruption in this field,.

Independent top research institutes confirm BlackLightPower

Six independent research institutes have reported results supporting the claims of BlackLight Power. Below you find a press release about it:

NEWS RELEASE (05/22/2012)


Electricity generated from water: BlackLight Power announces validation of its scientific breakthrough in energy production

Leading academic and industry experts have validated BlackLight’s new process that directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of Hydrogen.


Experts agree that BlackLight’s “Hydrino theory” represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology.

Cranbury, NJ (May 22, 2012) — BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) today announced a major breakthrough in clean energy technology, which experts agree holds tremendous promise for a wide range of commercial applications.  The announcement comes on the heels of BlackLight’s recent completion of a $5 million round of financing to support commercial development of its new process for producing affordable, reliable energy from water vapor.

In six separate, independent studies, leading scientists from academia and industry with PhDs from prestigious universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, confirm that BlackLight has achieved a technological breakthrough with its CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) clean energy generating process and cell.  The Process is fueled by water vapor that is a gaseous component of air and present wherever there is any source of water.  The CIHT cell harnesses this energy as electrical power output and is suitable for essentially all power applications including transportation applications and electrical power production completely autonomous of fuels and grid infrastructure at a small fraction of the current capital costs.

“BlackLight’s continuously operating, power-producing system converts ubiquitous H2O (water) vapor directly into electricity, oxygen, and a new, more stable form of Hydrogen called Hydrino, which releases 200 times more energy than directly burning hydrogen,” said Dr. Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO and President of BlackLight Power, Inc., and inventor of the process.  Hydrogen is not naturally available and has to be produced using energy.  But, H2O vapor is ubiquitous and free, obtainable even from ambient air.  Dr. Mills says that BlackLight has achieved critical milestones in scaling its new technology with typical electrical gain of more than ten times that which initiates the process, operating over long duration at the 10 Watt (W) scale.  A 100 W unit is planned for completion by the end of 2012, and a 1.5 kiloWatt (kW) pilot unit that can serve the residential power market, as an initial target commercial application, is expected to be operational by 2013.  (One kW is equal to 1000 W, and 1.5 kW is the typical, average power consumption of a US home.)

BlackLight has raised a total of $75 M for the development and commercialization of its breakthrough energy technology, and has license agreements with companies to use its patented commercial processes and systems in heating and electric power generation.  The new BlackLight Process validation reports, including full documentation and results of theory evaluation, replication and testing of the CIHT systems, and Hydrino characterization, are publicly available athttp://www.blacklightpower.com/.  The website also includes links to validator resumes and to technical and business support materials, including recent presentations that further explain the BlackLight Process and a technical paper providing the detailed chemistry and identification of Hydrinos by analytical methods, which laboratories can follow and replicate.

Quotes from Academic and Industry Experts

  • Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. “BlackLight’s CIHT electrochemical cell harnesses this fundamentally new primary energy source as electrical output by using a catalyst to cause hydrogen atoms of water molecules to transition to a lower-energy, Hydrino state, resulting in a release of energy that is intermediate between chemical and nuclear energies, and a nonpolluting product,” said Dr. Ramanujachary, who conducted one of the validation studies.  “The CIHT cells constantly output stable, very high-gain electrical power for more than a month, with H2O as the only source of fuel for the process.  The trace H2O vapor was supplied by a water source, or alternatively, it was extracted directly from the air, resulting in generation of electricity from water alone.  This process and system that I have confirmed is truly exceptional.”
  • W. Henry Weinberg, who was a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology for eighteen years, a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science at University of California, Santa Barbara for six years, and co-founder and CTO of Symyx Technologies for 13 years.  “It would be irrational not to be very skeptical, and I was extremely skeptical.  However, after having reviewed Dr. Mills classical theory, participated in experimental designs and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of other data BLP produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims, and I encourage aggressive optimization and fast track development of a scaled up prototype,” said Dr. Weinberg.  “To be able to use hydrogen from water as a cheap and nonpolluting source of power would represent one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history.”
  • Dr. Terry Copeland, former manager of product development for several electrochemical and energy companies including DuPont Company and Duracell.  “BLP has successfully fabricated and tested CIHT cells capable of producing net electrical output up to 50 times that input to maintain the process,” said Dr. Copeland.  “Some cells have produced steady power for over one month.  The power generation is consistent with Dr. Mills’ theory of energy release resulting from Hydrino formation.  No other source of energy could be identified.  The CIHT cell will use cheap, abundant, nontoxic, commodity chemicals, with no apparent long-term supply issues that might preclude commercial, high volume manufacturing.  The capital cost of the CIHT cell based on optimization of the cell dimensions is estimated to be under $100/kW compared to at least ten times that for fuel cells that further require a source of hydrogen or hydrogen gas and a fuel infrastructure.”
  • Dr. James Pugh, Director of Technology at The ENSER Corporation. “Representatives from the ENSER Corporation witnessed the assembly and operation of multiple CIHT cells, and the results showed excess electrical energy, up to 100 times that used to maintain the process in cells run as long as sixty days,” said Dr. Pugh.   “There is no apparent difficulty in assembling single cell and multi-cell units, in a production scale environment.  By carefully designing and optimizing the CIHT cell, a one-liter volume could generate 3.3 kW.  This is greater than that necessary for motive as well as stationary electrical power applications.”
  • Recently, the prestigious European Physical Journal D selected as a highlighted article, the Company’s results of the predicted characteristic high-energy light emission from hydrogen forming Hydrinos using a high-voltage pinched pulsed plasma source that further reported the replication of this signature by CfA spectroscopists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) under a study contracted by GEN3 Partners.  The Physical Journal D article and other supporting articles also are available on BlackLight’s website.

About BlackLight Power

BlackLight Power, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 and is based in the Princeton area of New Jersey.  It has received 62 patents including four in the U.S., and has more than 100 pending patent applications for its innovative processes, process applications, and products.  The BlackLight Process uses a novel catalytic process to generate energy from water vapor, releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom by forming a more stable form of hydrogen called Hydrinos.  The Process is applicable to essentially all power applications, including thermal, electrical, automotive, trucking, marine, rail, aviation, and aerospace.

For more information about the Company, please visit http://www.blacklightpower.com/.



BlackLight Process: A novel chemical process invented by Dr. Mills that causes the latent energy stored in the hydrogen atom to be released as a new primary energy source. 


Hydrino: A new form of hydrogen, which was theoretically predicted by Dr. Mills and produced and characterized by BLP.  Hydrinos are produced as energy is released from the hydrogen atom as the electron transitions to a lower-energy state, resulting in a smaller radius hydrogen atom.  (Note: The identity of the dark matter of the universe as Hydrinos is supported by BlackLight’s spectroscopic and analytical results as well as astrophysical observations.)

CIHT Cell: Comprised of a positive electrode, the cathode, a negative electrode, the anode, and an ion-conducting electrolyte that also serves as a source of reactants to form Hydrinos.  A Hydrino-producing reaction mixture creates electricity from H2O as the reactants are constituted with the migration of the electrons through an external circuit and ion mass transport, through a separate internal path through the electrolyte to complete an electrical circuit.  The CIHT cell was invented by Dr. Mills to release energy from forming Hydrinos directly as electricity.  It uses water vapor as its sole fuel source.

Spectral Emissions: Spectral emission of an atom such as hydrogen is its unique signature that serves as a fingerprint of its characteristics.  Each line of the spectrum is characteristic of and identifies the energy levels of the atom.  The Hydrino signature is unique in that it comprises a continuum of wavelengths, as opposed to discrete lines, and the energy is in the soft X-ray region.  This indicates that hydrogen has more stable states than previously thought possible or accounted for by the historical theory of quantum mechanics.

Running a car 3000 miles on one liter water

Understandably this sounds impossible. But this is not just another freaky idea but a revolutionary hi-tech project.

A prototype has not yet been made, but the predicted fuel consumption is based on scientific studies of a new promising energy technology, invented by Dr Randell Mills at Blacklight Power inc.

Dr Mills discovered that the hydrogen atom has a formerly unknown state, called the Hydrino, which has a lower energy level than ordinary hydrogen.

blphydrinoThe transition of Hydrogen into Hydrinos generates huge amounts of energy. This phenomenon is nothing new or mystical – it is well known in physics that the transition of an atom to a lower energy level brings about a large release of energy – the news is that hydrinos exist.

Dr Mills  realized that if a method for steady generation of the Hydrino state could be created, it would be a powerful energy source – and cheap, because water could be used as the hydrogen source. After a few years of trials he discovered special catalyzing substances that enable the transition of hydrogen into hydrinos, see the image.

First, he developed methods to transform the great heat, that was generated at the transtion, into electric energy, and this worked in small scale experiments.

In the spring of 2014 he presented an ingenious, even better and cheaper method. It is based on the fact that, at the transition into the Hydrino state, enormous amounts of light energy are released – 50.000 times more intense than sunlight at ground level. To harvest this energy, ordinary photovoltaic sun cells can be used, generating large amounts of electrical energy from the light.

The amount of energy that can be obtained in this way from one liter water is so large that it can fuel a medium size car electrically for about 3000 miles.

A concept car

Let us study the car that is shown in the image below. Please note the very small size of the power generating unit (the SF-CIHT Generator) just in front of the back wheel axle, the power controller just behind the generator being considerably larger,  but yet not larger than a suitcase. Modern electric motors are also small, and so is the one found at the front axle. No battery is needed and a one-litre fuel tank is enough. Altogether this system weighs considerably less and is simpler than the drive train of a internal combustion engine propelled car. The  construction and material costs are also less. Although very economic, the motor can be very powerful  (Published with the courtesy of Blacklight Power):


. Copyright BlackLight Power

Blacklight Power writes about this project:

“Consider the automotive SunCell™ application. Based on the hydrogen content of H2O and the electricity that can be produced from the corresponding hydrogen, the maximum theoretical range from a liter of water for a standard mid-sized car is 3000 miles. A concept SunCell™ electric vehicle is shown ..[in the image above]. Based on projections of the SunCell™ power density and available materials, a 250 cubic centimeter generator could deliver 200 kW or 267 HP and weigh less than 2 kg, less than 1% the weight of an internal combustion engine (ICE) of the same power. The total projected cost of the SunCell™ generator, control electronics, electric motors, and transmission, is less than the cost of the of the ICE and drive train of a conventional gasoline-fired vehicle without any fuel costs or pollution; nor, does the SunCell™-powered car require an expensive, range limiting battery or electric charging as is the case of electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, or Tesla. The corresponding SunCell™ economics forecast a shift from the fossil fuel business to vehicle leasing or a mileage credit card system as a means to derive even greater profits from payment for miles traveled without the need to extract, refine, transport, or sell gasoline, for example. Source: Business summary of BlackLight Power


It still remains to prove that this system works in practice for propelling cars, but the system is basically so simple that it is essentially, as far as I have understood, a question of finding the optimal technical solutions, which hopefully is feasible.

If it works in cars it would, when implemented at a large scale, drastically reduce the unhealthy air pollution from cars, trucks and buses. This would contribute importantly to improved health, because transportation exhausts are the most important source of harmful air pollution, see Union of Concerned Scientits.

Air pollution would furthermore be brought to a very low level if this method of energy generation is generally applied, because all kinds of energy sources can be fuelled by this system, including heating of water and houses, industrial processes as well as large scale electricity generation etc. Greenhouse gases would decrease, (but recently it has been questioned if it is these gases that are the major cause global warming).

Economies would improve greatly because of the very cheap costs of this energy source. As said in the posting “Hydrino power – superior to nuclear energy?“, it would truly be NobelPrice-worthy if it can be implemented as envisioned by Dr Randell Mills.

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