BlacklightPower – Important breakthrough in electricity generation.

The technology for continuous electric power generation has now been solved

On February 5, 2015 Dr Randell Mills held a seminar where he reported recent advances of the BLP development the Emerald Investment Forum in Philadelphia on March 13, 2015

The most important step of advance is that the technology for continuous high frequency production has been solved -1000 light impulses per second. The intensity of each impulse is 1000 times the intensity of solar light. With this technology it is possible to produce 10 mW with a BLP generator of 0,5m x 1m x 1m said Mills.

In the next step of development, units are planned that produce 1000 light impulses with 10.000 the intensity of solar energy at the surface of the earth.

This will enable very small units producing very large amonts of electric power.


The technology for fully functional and practically useful BLP energy generators has now been solved.

To start the video below, you need to click on the top heading.

Link to the video presentation:


The Blacklight Power story is a drastic example of the serious failure of present energy development and financing systems.

Although already a few years ago it was demonstrated that Hydrinos – the key component in power generation – exist and that this system does work in principle, the global as well as national power administrating organisations have turned a blind eye to it.

Considering its potential to dramatically decrease the need for hydrocarbon fuels and associated global warming exhausts this system should have been given intense attention and maximal possible governmental and international funding so that the ultimate tests could have been done rapidly and thereafter large scale production units. could have been built up

There are strong reasons to believe that the development of BLP has been retarded in every possible way by the oil-coal and nuclear energy lobby that would loose trillions. It is well known that they have been retarding or blocking other energy solutions. This includes hiring corrupt professor to attack the theory in unfair and unscientific ways, ridiculously accusing it for not being compatible with Quantum Theory, while it is a replacement of this theory and therefore Quantum Theory arguments are completely irrelevant..

This demonstrates the very harmful effect of corruption in the US and other major countries with vested interests in traditional energy sources. Considering that oil is a major reason for severe international conflicts and that global warming and other severe problems ensue from this corrupt blocking of a technology that could solve major energy issues at a global scale, it is evident that It is of very great importance to eliminate corruption in this field,.


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