A challenge to critical physicists

Considering that independent research institutes have confirmed that BrilliantLightPower can generate clean electrical power at a much lower cost than any alternative, it is high time for critical physicists to reconsider their stance, because unjustified objections delay the implementation of this valuable technology.

Hereby I challenge physicists who consider Millsian physics to be an erroneous theory to reply the questions below:

  • How can an erroneous theory have a greatly superior predictive power compared to Quantum Mechanics? This is illustrated by the diagrams below that represent the predictions of molecular bond energy. (For details, see The case for Millsian physicsmillsian vs qm final 4
  • How can an erroneous theory have the ability to exactly predict the structure even of complex molecules, while Quantum Mechanics has failed in this respect? The image below shows the exactly correct prediction of Millsian physics of the structure of a complex molecule.

    Observed structure above, predicted structure below


  • How can a Quantum theory be considered erroneous or irrelevant that is a mathematically consistent and successful application of the solidly established major theories of physics? That is Newton’s gravitation theory, Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism and Einstein’s General theory of Relativity. Please remember that this was what the founders of Quantum Mechanisms tried hard to achieve, but failed, having to introduce some postulates (arbitrary assumptions) to make it reasonably consistent mathematically.
  • How can you reject the theory because it predicts a lower energy state of Hydrogen than the common ground state? Please remember that the notion that there cannot exist a lower energy state of Hydrogen is based on an arbitrary assumption of Quantum Mechanics. A belief that an arbitrary assumption can disprove a theory is religion, not science.
  • How can an erroneous theory correctly predict the release of large amounts of energy through a catalytic process specifically designed for this purpose according to the theory.
  • How can an erroneous theory predict a nuclear process (the transition of an atom to a lower energy state)  which, in accord with well established physical knowledge is the only way that such huge releases of energy can occur? This phenomenon has been confirmed by six independent labs.
  • How can a technology derived from an erroneous theory, work in practice for heat and electrical energy generation as proven by repeated practical tests?

Electric car fuelled by BLP calculated to run 3000 miles on 1 litre water


Please be responsible and objective

Independent evaluations confirm the research of the BrilliantLightPower lab which indicates that it has a potential to solve major global energy-related problems because it is completely pure and costs 30 times less than nuclear power being easy to implement rapidly at a global scale for all kinds of energy generation applications.

It is of great importance for the future of mankind that you handle this issue honestly and objectively, because of the great potential of BrilliantLightPower technology for solving some of the most burning issues of the world.

My humble opinion is that your position is similar to that of the famous physicist who said flying is incompatible with the laws of physics while the glider of the Lilienthal brother was already about to take off because BrilliantLightPower is likewise about to “take off” (for commercialization).

Please free yourself from irrational prejudices and assume your social responsibility as a scientist to tell the world about this invaluable invention.

Jaan Suurkula

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