This is an independent blog for presenting facts about Millsian theory and its applications in the energy sector.

The resistance of physicists against this theory inspired the creation of this blog. The resistance has greatly delayed the implementation of an energy production system that would reduce energy costs greatly at a global scale, eliminate pollution and reduce greenhouse gases by replacing fossil fuels in transportation, power generation and heating with a clean energy source that does not affect the climate.

This blog presents reasons to believe that this resistance is based rather on prejudices and irrational resistance to a new paradigm than on stringent science. Such resistance to new ideas has occurred repeatedly, almost without exception, in the history of science.

Also, it will present independent evaluations of the Hydrino-based energy generation technology of the BrilliantLightPower company.

The author has followed the discussions of new ideas for energy production since over 35 years. I have found that BLP appears to be the most useful system for various reasons including the fact that it can be rapidly implemented at a global scale because of its low cost and because it is technically easy to apply.

Addition August 2017

I am happy to find that the invention has now come close to market launch after successful long-term testing has confirmed that it is fully functional and yields the predicted amount of power. The successful implementation of the Hydrino theory by Dr Randell Mills proves in practice that the theoretical doubts have been unjustified.

Jaan Suurküla, M.D.





2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to have discovered this blog. I’ve been looking for other people who grasp what is going on, and are enslaved by adherence to classical quantum mechanics.

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