This is a selection of a few among several endorsing statements:


“..Mills proposes such a basic approach to quantum theory that it deserves considerably more attention from the general scientific community than it has received so far. The new theory appears to be a realization of Einstein’s vision and a fitting closure of the “Quantum Century” that started in 1900 with Max Planck’s work on black-body radiation and his subsequent postulate of energy quanta.

..Einstein’s dream for a unified field theory envisioned a “programme which may suitably be called Maxwell’s … ” …his vision called for “start[ing] with a classical field theory, a unified field theory, and demand[ing] of that theory that the quantum rules should emerge as constraints imposed by that theory itself.” [2]

Randell L. Mills proposes such a unified field theory. He outlines a quantum theory for the atomistic world that is fully consistent with “Maxwell’s programme”: It is founded solely upon the classical laws of physics in the framework of Einstein’s relativity with an additional Lorentz-invariant scalar wave equation for de-Broglie matter waves. This additional wave equation is completely compatible with Maxwell’s vector wave equation of electromagnetism…”  More
Dr. Reinhart Engelmann, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology

(Excerpt) [Mills] presents a “classical” quantum mechanics that is simple, transparent, straightforward, consistent, and powerful. It does not need any postulates; the classical laws (including Einstein’s) and physical constants are sufficient. Mills’ quantum physics makes extensive use of Planck’s constant, but avoids too much uncertainty. It is based on Maxwell’s wave equation rather than Schrödinger’s…Mills’ ingenious way of thinking creates in different physical areas astonishing results with fascinating mathematical simplicity and harmony. And his theory is strongly supported by the fact that nearly all these results are in comfortable accordance with experimental findings, sometimes with breathtaking accuracy.” More

Dr. Günther Landvogt, retired scientist, Philips Research Lab.

The above is from reviews of the book “THE GRAND UNIFIED THEORY OF CLASSICAL PHYSICS” by Dr. Randell Mills.

“It is understandable why even the best of scientists have difficulty taking seriously that which has been accomplished by Dr. Mills and his team at Brilliant Light Power because of how completely it transforms our understanding of atomic and molecular structure, dispels of all the strangeness associated with quantum theory so cherished by quantum physicists and chemists and then to boot delivers to mankind a new source of essentially unlimited inexpensive clean energy. The novel techniques, materials and processes developed by BrLP in the last few years are making this new source of energy a reality for all of mankind. The rest, however painful it will be for many in the natural sciences, will follow.”

Dr. Joseph Renick, former Chief Scientist at Applied Research Associates

“An objective review of the progress BrLP has made over the past decade in the development of their proprietary hydrogen-based technology indicates that they have achieved an understanding of the fundamental parameters that must be controlled to create a sustainable and energetic reaction of their atomic hydrogen fuel and catalysts. They have made landmark progress in creating demonstration devices that prove the concept of their generation technology with promise of becoming continuously operating prototypes in the near future. The creation of these consistently replicable experiments where input power is multiplied by 65 to 150 times is a remarkable achievement.”

Bucknell Professor Dr. Peter Mark Jansson PE

Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and Material Science, added that from his independent tests he finds “the developments truly impressive and extremely important. I believe that the technology is amenable for making large-scale devices as easily as a portable one. This is what makes it very attractive.”

“Transportation technology has relied on burning something – oil, coal, natural gas, for over a century. The transition to alternative energy is often considered a niche, futuristic, and even inconsequential solution. The SunCell® presents the possibilities to make this transition to a new energy era a reality.” He further emphasized, “The SunCell® is a relatively simple system that catalytically converts water-based fuel directly into brilliant light that is converted to electricity using existing photovoltaic technology. Initial testing indicates mega-watt power potential, which would radically transform energy technology. The SunCell® presents a solution to the clean energy challenge of our lifetime.”

David Bennett, former Proterra CEO and former President of Eaton Vehicle Group, Asia Pacific.

All of the above are from the latest Press Release in June 2016

“It would be irrational not to be very skeptical, and I was extremely skeptical.  However, after having reviewed Dr. Mills classical theory, participated in experimental designs and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of other data BLP produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims, and I encourage aggressive optimization and fast track development of a scaled up prototype,” said Dr. Weinberg.  “To be able to use hydrogen from water as a cheap and nonpolluting source of power would represent one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history.

Dr W. Henry Weinberg, who was a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology for eighteen years, a professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science at University of California, Santa Barbara for six years, and co-founder and CTO of Symyx Technologies for 13 years.

“Representatives from the ENSER Corporation witnessed the assembly and operation of multiple CIHT cells, and the results showed excess electrical energy, up to 100 times that used to maintain the process in cells run as long as sixty days,” said Dr. Pugh.   “There is no apparent difficulty in assembling single cell and multi-cell units, in a production scale environment. ”

Dr. James Pugh, Director of Technology at The ENSER Corporation

The two statements above are from a Press Release in May 22, 2012

“There are now too many outside scientists, engineers, inventors, attorneys and financiers that have seen the technology up close to believe there is a massive fraud being perpetrated. Obviously, the hundreds of employees of respected outside firms that have contracted to build the solar cells or engineer the SunCell into a marketable product do not think they are dealing with a fraud or even a dubious technology. Too many outside academics have staked their reputations by verifying the technology…Academics who have been denying Mills’ science for the last 25 years will either have to find an alternative explanation for the extraordinary amounts of electricity being produced or start rethinking some parts of physics. The world will never be the same.

Excerpt from “The Great Energy Transition” Falls Church News Press, Oct 28, 2016.

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